Accelerate sustainable growing

WaterWick is a unique cultivation method which accelerates the cultivation speed of your potted plants and stimulates sustainable growing. It can be implemented in two ways: during or right after the growing phase. Using WaterWick during the growing phase is called ‘Grown with WaterWick’. By implementing WaterWick after the growing phase, you can add value to retailers and consumers.

Grown with WaterWick can be integrated into any greenhouse structure using tables and concrete floors. The concept is based on an Ebb and Flow irrigation system. The WaterWick Ebb and Flow Pot creates a water buffer for the plant. The WaterWick Cord can be attached automatically to your own growing pot and draws up water from the reservoir. The plant decides for itself how much it is watered and when. This creates the perfect conditions for your plants!


Cultivation speed

Increases up to 15% due to efficient water intake and an enhanced micro-climate.



Enable peat-free growing while reducing water and energy usage.


Quality plant growth

Achieve higher uniformity, less plant loss and improved water-stress resistance.


Easy implementation

A fully automated solution has been designed to implement WaterWick in any greenhouse structure.

Grower Essentials

Waterwick is more than just a watering system. As a grower, you can deliver added value in the supply chain and lower the sustainable footprint of the product. WaterWick keeps your plants fresh during transport and improves shelf life in-store. Consumers never over- or underwater their plants again. Happy plants results in happy customers!

WaterWick developed a wide range of growing essentials. The Ebb & Flow Pot and WaterWick Cord are key to Grown with WaterWick. The WaterWick Pintray make sure plants stay hydrated during transport to stores. In order to apply the WaterWick Cord after the growing phase, we developed the WaterWick ClickStick. In this way, consumers can grow their plants more easily. Contact us for more information or try out samples.

Our assortment


WaterWick Roll


WaterWick Ebb & Flow Pot


Pintray V3


WaterWick Cord & ClickStick


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T-Pot filling tray


WaterWick Cord & ClickStick Bio


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Pintray V2