In many stores, waste is a worry. Nobody wants to have to throw out plants, but unfortunately it is very challenging to keep plants fresh and well watered in store. Not all stores have qualified staff available, who can differentiate between plants which have to be watered more or less often. WaterWick provides a revolutionary in store solution, to water all your plants perfectly.


The single-use Pintray V3 now makes it possible to send your plants all over the world! The bottom-tray fits 2-3 litres of water, which makes sure your plants stay alive during transport. You can even reach markets which were unreachable before. The next step is the retail. When this pintray with water reservoir reaches the stores, the plants are in better shape. This means: less waste, more sales, positive vibe at your client and most likely additional orders! The bottom-tray is designed for the size of a 200-series tray with holes, so the wicks reach the  water easily.




Dimensions Pintray V3:

400x300x100 mm, 2-3 litres of water. Six on a Danish shelf. Single use.

Dimensions transport tray 200-serie: 400x280mm