The WaterWick PlantKit is the new fun & easy Grow Your Own experience. It looks great in every kitchen or living room and is easy to maintain with its no-worry watering system. The Germination cover top stimulates germination for quick results. The Paper Bucket is waterproof for at least 6 weeks and includes a large reservoir for water.The wick draws water from the reservoir and supplies any plant with the right amount of water. This simple technique is a great solution to shorten the grow time, to expand the plants lifetime and to improve quality. The PlantKit is available in 4 different designs.

Cross-sell with regular seed sales
Option to include seeds or young plant plugs
Easy growing for everyone


Contains: 1x cocopeat tablet, 1x Paper Bucket, 1x WaterWick ClickStick, 1x inner pot and 1x
germination cover