Wicked pot


WaterWick is a sustainable self-watering system for plants. A blue and white wick (cord) does the trick. The wick draws water from a reservoir and provides any plant with the right amount of water. The plant decides when it is watered and when. Therefore, the plant is always in an optimal condition!

By adding this simple technique to plants, growers shorten their cultivation cycle, retailers improve shelf life of plants and consumers are successful at keeping their plants flourishing at home. WaterWick can be used for nearly every kind of herb, pot plant or bedding plant.



Using WaterWick during the growing process is called ‘Grown with WaterWick’. This cultivation system is based on an Ebb & Flow system.

WaterWick can also be implemented after the growing phase. A fully automated solution has been designed to implement WaterWick in your growing process.


Grown with WaterWick plants can be easily watered in-store. Employees spend less time watering the plants and waste is reduced.

We also provide the WaterWick ClickStick and accessories, which are available for private label branding. Happy plants results in happy customers!


WaterWick is your personal assistant to successfully grow your own plants. Just fill the water reservoir and the plant will water itself.

Waterwick keeps your plants in optimal conditions. Even when you are on vacation, you don’t have to worry about your plants. The journey begins!




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