A self-watering system for plants which can be applied automatically. A blue & white wick (cord) does the trick. The wick draws water from a reservoir and provides any plant with the right amount of water. How does it work? The plant decides how much it is watered and when. The plant is therefore always in its happy zone!


This technique inside your product is a great solution to shorten your cultivation period, to improve quality in the supply chain and to improve shelf life. Eventually it makes your consumer satisfied and happy with your plant! WaterWick guarantees your consumer a happy plant in the design your provide to promote your product, brand or theme.



In many stores, waste is a problem. Nobody wants to throw out plants, but unfortunately it is very difficult to keep plants fresh and well-watered in-store. WaterWick provides revolutionary solutions to water all plants perfectly during transport and in-store. This way the staff can spend more time helping customers, instead of taking care of the plants.


WaterWick is a solution for growers to grow:

  • More quickly (up to 15%)
  • More uniform
  • With less waste
  • With a lower sustainable footprint

WaterWicks’ solutions provide any plant with just the right amount of water. This way the cultivation period is shorter and the plants are of higher quality. The need for fertilizers and substrates will be reduced. Due to constant watering, the plants stay fresh and healthy which also reduces the waste.


WaterWick is a very simple yet effective system which functions as the personal assistant to help the consumers water their plants! Using a WaterWick ClickStick in combination with a WaterWick Cover Pot are the ingredients for this easy experience. Apply the WaterWick Clickstick to any house plant, add water to the Cover Pot and refill the cover pot when necessary. These are the few steps the consumers need to take to have a no-worry watering system. Nice for when you go on holiday!



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