Our new self-watering PatioPot features a large water reservoir (7 litres), which means you only need to refill the water a couple of times during the season. An amazing way to ensure an effortless spring and a laid back summer.


The unique grid allows every pot size to be placed in the pot, so every mix can be created. You can also re-arrange and replace potted plants, whenever and however you want!

Mix & match plants with the PatioPot

Boost sales with refill deals during the season

Create a complete product before shipments or in the store



Dimensions: 380×300 mm

Contains: 1x Plastic PatioPot (5 litres)

Colors: Taupe, Antracite, White & Lime Green

Watering System: Fits for PatioPot modern, packed in bag with

instruction leaflet and barcode sticker